By Karen Soper Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work so everything comes out the way you want it? Webster’s dictionary defines perfectionism as a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable. Most people experience an inner drive to improve their performance on some tasks, whether … More Perfectionism

Healthy Relationships

There is one thing that we as adults want for our children, regardless of their age; it is positive and healthy peer relationships. As adults, we work to create an environment at home and at school that fosters these types of relationships and supports children as they practice the skills necessary to form trust, confidence, … More Healthy Relationships


Self-Esteem I remember watching a movie which depicted a long train chugging up a mountain side.   As the coal-burning locomotive slowly made its way up the steep mountain, it released a large amount of black smoke, but when the engine went down the mountain, it released a smaller amount of smoke. During life, each of … More Self-Esteem