Tis the Season 2015

‘Tis the Season

At this time of year, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. There are seasonal foods, music and parties galore, and people are rushing about to get their Christmas shopping done and their decorations up. However, it is also easy to get lost in the stress, anxiety and depression that can occur at this time of the year. This can become a very overwhelming time for many of us. Children making lists for us to hopefully complete, family making plans for us without a thought for our budgets, and stores marking prices up without a thought for our wallets can make the expectations of the season just seem too much. But I would like to invite you to pause, really stop, for just a moment and try something new. Let’s all just take a minute to take a very deep breath and count to four, hold it for a second, and then let it out while counting to four. Now let’s grab a cup of our favorite hot chocolate (or other drink as you would prefer), grab a seat on the couch and think of some things for a minute.

It is not uncommon at this time of year for people to make “To-Do” lists. Some write them down on pad and paper, others keep them mentally; but how about we take a moment and make a “To-Done” list? Let’s try this by looking back over the past year and thinking about some of the things we may have accomplished:

  1. We are here. We made it. We did it and Yay for us!!
  2. We worked.
  3. We made it to those doctor’s appointments.
  4. We did all of those piles of dishes.
  5. We wiped all of those noses.
  6. We changed all of those diapers.
  7. We took the kids to all of those games.
  8. We read those books.
  9. We talked to our kids.
  10. We tucked them in.
  11. We disciplined when needed.
  12. We cried.
  13. We laughed.
  14. We fought.
  15. We loved.
  16. We lost.
  17. We married.
  18. We played.
  19. We prayed.

And the list goes on.

Whether you did all of these or some of these, you have something to rejoice in during this holiday season. It is easy to allow the stress, anxiety and depression to build on that “To Do” list, but please take time to remember your “To Done” list, too.

From all of us at Sanpete Cares, please have a most joyous holiday season!

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