The Importance of Self-Care and Balance

Life is hectic enough as it is, but when you don’t take time for yourself, life can become increasingly unbalanced and more challenging. You need to remember that it is okay and even necessary to unplug from everything and just be with yourself from time to time.

By being mindful of your own self-care, you can learn to appreciate and nurture the gift of peace and quietness within yourself. In doing so on a regular basis, you can become rejuvenated and refreshed.

The best way to start is by being mindful of how you are feeling and what your needs are. Each situation will be different and unique. Only you are the expert of you.

Take time to evaluate how you feel. Allow yourself to take a break and soak in the sweet sound of quietness for a few moments or longer. Just make sure you are unplugged from all electronics, social media, and other “noise” which is really nothing more than a distraction.

Once you start applying self-care to your life, you may find it calming, centering, and relaxing. It will also help with focus and increased energy. In addition, self-care and balance may also help to relieve daily stress and anxiety.

By not practicing self-care and balance, we are not able to fully and optimally function in our everyday lives. Our jobs and meaningful, important relationships can begin to suffer. Exhaustion begins to pile up and may stress us even further.

Now is the perfect time to empower yourself. Start by embracing a new or amped up self-care routine. Here is a list of simple ideas to help get you started.

  • Start by unplugging from everyone and everything and taking the time to focus on yourself.
  • Plan more alone time for yourself such as: a walk, a nap, a hot shower, a bubble bath or maybe reading a book.
  • Realize this is your time and enjoy how it feels. Be mindful of your thoughts and needs.
  • Close your eyes, smile and breathe, and remind yourself that you are worth it.

Rachelle Bench, New Horizons Abuse in Later Life Program Coordinator 

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